Journalism school in Pakistan

Pakistan is considered one of the most dangerous places for journalists and is tagging far behind in regard to press freedom. In this South-Asian country, almost half of a population of 160 million people cannot read or write. Indeed, the government advertises educational campaigns on the radio but there is still a high need of action in regard to the vocational education of journalists, i.e. to develop appropriate educational establishments.

Currently, the German-European Institute of Journalism is working on the development of a school in Pakistan to educate future journalists for broadcasting, print and online media. Solid skills and tools and a sense of responsibility are especially necessary in crisis areas to enable neutral news coverage and to support peaceful coexistence with the instrument of journalism.

Degree programme / content of lectures

Possible vocational education in journalism schools include:

Aim of studies / degree

Aim of studies is the vocational training of practice-oriented professional and self-critical journalists who are aware of the responsibility of their work. Potential manipulation of journalists or political pressure will be prevented by teaching participants thorough and unbiased research methods, selecting these professionally, illuminating background situations and reporting in a high-class way. At the end of their studies, alumni will be able to apply their knowledge professionally and will be able to convey complex aspects in different forms of media.

After successfully passed final exams, each student will receive an official certificate which includes the qualification to execute the profession of a journalist and content of studies.

Duration of studies

Depending on type of training and education.

Lectures / Speakers

Vocational training of students is conducted by national and international journalists, who have long-standing professional experience as editors, reporters, moderators or correspondents.

The Senior Experten Service (SES) (senior expert service) located in Bonn already showed great interest in 2010 to support the development of a journalism school in Pakistan. Through the commitment of senior experts, this non-profit organization supports the vocational and professional further and advanced education of qualified experts and managers nationally and internationally. Work and activity of Senior Experts is aimed at immediate and pragmatic help. The main focus is on instructions for self-help, usually combined with the solution of acute problems. Since its foundation in 1983, SES has been active in over 156 countries and has been mobilized approximately 18.000 times. In Pakistan, SES has supported 43 projects in different areas, primarily projects regarding curricula development of different vocational schools.

The organization has access to approximately 8.400 experts – primarily from the economical and technical area – who are all voluntary workers. Senior Experten Service gives a permanently growing circle of experts who have completed their professional career the opportunity to pass on long-term knowledge and experience acquired in many years of their occupation.


Location of the journalism school is planned in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. Islamabad is historically part of the province Punjab which has the highest density of population, but became an independent capital city territory in 1970.

The journalism school of the German-European Institute of Journalism will be planned close to other schools. According to the momentary state of planning, it will be built for media professionals on the university campus, however, will operate and teach independently.